The real estate market in Israel is wide and diverse, the prices for square meters are rising again, which means that investors should carefully study its possibilities. Let’s start with three areas that Smartgen specialist Mark Oigman recommends as the most interesting.

Despite all the measures taken by the government , the Israeli real estate market does not even think about cooling down. Yes, due to the temporary introduction of new taxes on the possession of three or more objects and encouraging reinvestment of funds in securities, the share of foreign investors in the country has decreased. According to the data for the second quarter of 2018 from the Ministry of Finance of Israel, their share reached a historic minimum – only 3,200 housing units were purchased, or 14% of the total volume of transactions. At the same time, the prices for square meters after the temporary decline began to slowly rise again.  

Office space

In the central areas of large cities, there is a steady demand for small office space in new buildings. The high demand for offices is ensured by a steady shortage of vacant offers on the market, therefore, investments in this type of real estate are considered reliable and profitable both in the short and long term.

It is most advantageous to acquire not separate offices, but large premises of 1000-2000 square meters. m in new buildings under construction. The cost per square meter here is $ 2150-2450. Next, divide the area into small offices of 20-50 “squares” and rent for $ 16-19 per square. m per month.

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