Israel abounds in sights, traditions and … seas. The state is washed by the Mediterranean, the Red Sea, the Sea of ​​Galilee and the Dead Sea, provides its inhabitants with warmth and sunshine all year round, attracts religious followers with many holy places, tourists with historical monuments and a variety of cultures. The Israeli economy is the strongest among the neighbors; the sphere of medicine and high technologies is especially developed. Revenues are high here, but prices are far from the lowest. Let’s see if it’s hard to get a job in Israel …

Do we need us in Israel?

If we consider the country where the best conditions for highly qualified specialists, as well as the state with the most innovative economies and high-tech companies are created – Israel falls into one and the other list. Also, according to last year’s UN rating based on feedback from local residents, the state is in the top ten of the happiest countries in the world.

The unemployment rate is relatively low, about 4.3%, which is significantly less than the average for the European Union. Every day, many companies open here due to low rates on commercial loans. The most in demand in Israel are highly qualified specialists. For example, doctors can earn up to $ 10,000 a month, and good programmers on average receive $ 4,000-5,000. But to get such a job, you need to meet a number of requirements, which we will discuss later.

If you are not particularly pretentious, and you do not care who you work in Israel – then employees who do not have special knowledge, are also constantly required. For example, it’s not so difficult to get a job as a harvest collector for a season, auxiliary workers, a carer, or a service worker.

Additional sources

In addition to aggregators and work sites, you can:

  1. Directly send resumes to companies of interest. The list of leading organizations in the country is here.
  2. Search for jobs in the relevant sections of local print publications: The Jerusalem Post , Maariv , YNet .
  3. Turn to relatives and friends who live here. By the way, most of the local find suitable vacancies in this way.

Special programs for employment in Israel

There are government programs in the country that help immigrants find work. The basic principle is employment assistance for people with a certain set of qualities, regardless of citizenship. Do you have a chance to get into one of these programs, if you:

  • between the ages of 25 and 55;
  • decent, hardworking,
  • kind, want to help people.

Preference is given to women, but in the presence of the above qualities, you can claim a place and men.

Work on the program involves interaction with the elderly, limited in movement, incapable people. Consider that you will have to live in the same house with the ward. Although there are options for work in hospices, medical institutions. The host party incurs food and living expenses.

Feature of the program – a one-time fee of $ 1000. In return, you get:

  • legal place of work;
  • medical insurance paid by the employer;
  • employment contract indicating all conditions of employment and obligations of the parties;
  • opportunity to choose a place of work;
  • paid weekends and holidays;
  • the opportunity to work without the knowledge of Hebrew, since there are a lot of Russian speakers in the country.

The contract is signed for 1 year, the term can be extended to 8 years. More information can be found both through the Internet and through the Israeli Embassy.

How to choose a city for work?

Most likely to find a place in the major cities of the country: Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Ashdod. Depending on the city, it is necessary to focus on certain areas of activity.

For example, Tel Aviv is a major transportation center, where railway workers, design engineers, architects and other related professions are constantly required.

Medicine is well developed in Tel Aviv, Haifa and Jerusalem: here are located major centers of international renown. Therefore, doctors will find a place here without any problems. By the way, in the last two cities the tourism sector is also leading, and therefore you can come here, wanting to get into the service sector.

Ashdod is the largest port in the country where technical specialists are always required: both with special knowledge (engineers, mechanics, navigators), and without them (equipment operators, porters, maintenance workers). There is a large paper mill where foreign citizens who do not speak Hebrew receive.

Requirements for foreigners

  1. Knowledge of language . Ideally, you need to know Hebrew: most vacancies require a good command of the official language of Israel. If you do not have such knowledge, there are three options: finding a place with a Russian-speaking employer, in an international company where you can get by with English, or taking intensive language courses. In the first and second cases, there is a suitable option only if your future work does not involve communicating with local ones. In the third case, it will take 3-5 months to study.
  2. Proof of qualification . In some specialties (doctor, lawyer, engineer, etc.) you will need to confirm a diploma, as well as receive a special certificate, which is issued only if you have permanent residence in Israel. By the way, doctors here salaries vary greatly depending on the status. For example, a junior doctor can drop out in residency for five years, pass exams and get 2.5-3 times more. A great experience and experience in public clinics can earn and about $ 10,000. More information about the necessary list of documents and scheme of action if you want to confirm the diploma – here .

When looking for a job, you will have to take into account the local temperament: in the country they appreciate hardworking employees. Yes, in order to find a suitable place, you will have to write far from one company and send dozens of resumes, but in exchange for quality work you will be well treated and promoted in every possible way through the ranks.

In Israel, do not be shy to prove yourself, to be persistent. If you have professional qualities and achievements that are not ashamed to demonstrate – here your directness will be appreciated. Do not hesitate to ask again, call back, persistently pursue your own – this is a normal approach in the country.

Work permit

To legally work in Israel, you need two documents: a permit and a visa. The best option is to find suitable vacancies on your own, come as a tourist to the country, have interviews, wait for a decision by employers, discuss work details on the spot and sign a contract with the company that accepted you.

The permit is handled by the employer, submitting a package of documents to the Ministry of the Interior. Moreover, the resolution is strictly tied to a specific company. If you transfer to another company before the expiration of its term, you will have to receive the paper anew, arriving at the Ministry with the new employer.

Not all Israeli companies have the right to hire foreigners to work – this requires a special license issued by the Ministry of Industry, Labor and Trade.

Visa for work in Israel

After obtaining permission, you must apply for a work visa B1. To do this, the employer sends a package of documents to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the future employee – to the Israeli Consulate . The validity of the visa – 30 days. After arriving in the country and applying to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the visa is extended for one year with the possibility after that to extend the validity period to five years.

Documents that you need to submit to the Consulate of your country:

  • Visa application form and 1, giving consent for fingerprinting.
  • Two photos that meet the standards.
  • Valid passport.
  • Birth certificate, marriage / divorce certificate.
  • Help, confirming that you have no criminal record.
  • A medical report, including fluorography and the assurance that you do not have sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Labor contract signed by both parties.

In the visa indicate the scope of activities and the company. Therefore, if you decide to change jobs, you will have to do everything anew with the new employer.

Employment for repatriates

Jews are eager to find jobs for people of their nationality. Even if a person still lives in another country, but intends to move to Israel. Especially for these purposes, a help center was created, in which the list of popular specialists is updated daily.

The country especially needs medical personnel, so if you have medical education and Jewish roots, you only need to confirm your qualifications, and you will be taken to virtually any clinic without any problems.

For repatriates, they even created a special agency here – “Sohnut”, whose employees help the newcomers to look for work completely free of charge. All services are paid by the employer. Vacancies on the agency’s website are updated daily, and if necessary, you can count on the assistance of local workers in the initial adaptation and understanding of the culture of the country. Also on the site is a list of courses that allow you to get a new profession.

Popular specialties

According to the data on the Israeli government portal , the country needs the following specialists most of all:

  • doctors of all categories;
  • experienced engineers, builders;
  • IT specialists;
  • chefs, bakers, chefs (national cuisine);
  • nurses, nurses;
  • service workers (waiters, housekeepers, maids, shop assistants, porters);
  • workers of industrial enterprises (line operators, packers);
  • agricultural workers (harvest workers).

Also constantly open vacancies in the field of finance, marketing, sales. But it is worth considering that knowledge of Hebrew is required for employment in highly qualified specialties! Gaps in the language will significantly narrow the range of possibilities, and with them the potential income.

Salaries in Israel

Since December 2017, the minimum wage in Israel is $ 1,515, and the average is about $ 2,855. At the same time, foreign citizens officially working in the country have the same rights regarding working conditions, benefits, salaries, benefits, as well as local residents.

Income strongly depends on age and education. For example, the minimum salary for teenagers under 16 years old is $ 5.1 per hour, at the age of 16-17 years old – $ 5.5, for young people 17-18 years old – $ 6.1. For an adult, the minimum salary is $ 8.4 per hour.

Who gets how much?

  • IT-specialists – $ 3000-8000 (depends on the company, length of service, position).
  • Social workers – $ 1500-1800.
  • Younger honey. staff – $ 1400-1700.
  • Doctors – $ 1700-10000.
  • Teachers, teachers – $ 1500-6000 (depends on the institution, length of service, rank).
  • Financiers, bankers – $ 2700-5500.
  • Builders – $ 2000-2300 (but in this area the largest number of working hours is established).
  • Civil servants – from $ 1,400 to $ 5,000 (depending on position and length of service).
  • Workers in the field of agriculture – $ 1500-1600.
  • Loaders, drivers, handymen, salespeople, cleaners, waiters and other professions that do not require special knowledge – $ 1120-1500.

At first glance, these numbers seem very attractive. But if you look at the mandatory expenses in the country, then the free balance is not so great. Locals buy food once a week, as wholesale is cheaper. The same applies to household chemicals, clothing awaiting discounts.

Most of all, the housing is “pulling” (even if it is your own, the cost of a communal apartment) is far from small), the provision of children (school, garden), and medicine (for good reason immigrants go home for treatment). Prices in a cafe are also impressive: in a regular McDonalds for a cheeseburger, you will pay about $ 6. Slightly cheaper to eat in tents on the street.

Therefore, if we take the average salary of the majority of the population, which does not include managers and directors, then we get about $ 1,700 per month, which is just enough for the most necessary.

Looking for a job in Israel? You decide. Optimally, if you have Jewish roots – in this case, local help centers will greatly facilitate your life. If you do not have such a privilege, you can count on a prosperous life, having a higher education and good experience in the field in demand here. Moving for the sake of a working specialty or employment without special skills makes little sense – only if you want to live in Israel by any means or just dream of changing the situation. But in this case, you will have to look for additional sources of income: taking into account the local prices for rent and utilities, the budget for food, clothing and entertainment will be more than modest.

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