The excitement around Israeli real estate is gaining momentum. Specialists from the agency Partisan marketing communications cited facts that compel us to pay additional attention to some objects and regions of Israel.

Only numbers

In April 2012, the international real estate company Knight Frank published data, according to which over the past 5 years apartments in Israel have risen in price by 54.5%. From the survey it follows that Israel ranked third in the world in terms of the growth in housing prices over this period, losing the lead only to South Asian representatives – China and Hong Kong. There, the apartments went up by 110.9% and 93.7% respectively.

According to data collected by the economic portal “The Marker”, the prices of Israeli real estate over the past ten years have grown by 72%! So, for example, in 2000 the average apartment price was 639 thousand shekels (€ 131 thousand), and in June 2011 the same apartment was worth 1 million 103 thousand shekels (€ 226.5 thousand).

As real estate developer Yair Tavivian notes, in Netanya, foreign citizens have always been very active in the primary housing market. In particular, in the prestigious residential complex Sea Opera , located on the seashore, more than 90% of the apartments were bought up by citizens of the United States, Great Britain, and CIS countries. Interestingly, it was the citizens of the former USSR who bought 25 penthouses in this complex, among them politicians, well-known representatives of the business elite, pop and television stars.

“Most people bought apartments just for themselves, to spend holidays on the seashore,” said Tavivian, “and some used the apartment purchase as an investment.”

And they didn’t lose: if a couple of years ago, people purchased a housing unit for $ 400,000, then today they already sell it for 800! ” And such expensive housing in the future will only grow in value, since Crown Opera is the most luxurious penthouse overlooking the sea.

Sea Opera is the flagship of the Israeli market.
Its uniqueness is due not only to the elite layout and exquisite interior design from ARMANI CASA, but also the fact that the building in which it is located is built on the very seashore. Permission for its construction was obtained before the adoption of the law prohibiting the construction of buildings closer than 300 meters from the coastal strip. Today it is the highest penthouse in Israel on the first line from the sea.

The apartments are designed so that the room was as lit as possible. Huge floor-to-ceiling windows make it possible to enjoy the sea views from almost anywhere in the apartment. The internal area is 420 square meters, balconies of about 220 square meters. partly covered with top-quality wooden flooring, made to order, as, indeed, all the other design elements.

The peculiarity of this prestigious housing is the presence of an exclusive infrastructure and furniture. The apartment has everything that a person accustomed to luxury needs: a sauna, a solarium, a jacuzzi, an outdoor heated pool, plasma screens, a custom-made kitchen with high-tech Miele equipment and Corian worktops. 
All these advantages distinguish Sea Opera from other projects. As its owners note, they have no shortage of buyers. The offer, unfortunately, is currently limited to only one penthouse.

New ideas in new places

The constant rise in prices has identified two important trends in the Israeli real estate market. Firstly, it became a signal for wealthy people to invest in this market, and secondly, it opened new points for real estate investments.

After all, the coastline in Israel is not only close Tel Aviv. Today, the cost of a luxury penthouse in a prestigious area of ​​this city can reach $ 30 or even $ 35 million, and just north of a twenty minute drive, in Netanya , which is called the Israeli Riviera, the chic unique penthouse is currently sold for about seven million. 

That is, prices still have room to grow, which makes this city particularly attractive to foreign investors. Netanya is a reasonable alternative to Tel Aviv and Herzliya, where real estate prices are sometimes overwhelming.

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