Fans of a comfortable beach holiday will find resorts in the Mediterranean and Red Seas in Israel. The Dead Sea is famous for its healing and spa treatments. Believers are sent primarily to Jerusalem – to its many religious shrines. In Israel, you can also find magnificent national parks and even a ski resort.

Jerusalem , the capital of the country, is known as the center of three religions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Here is a large number of holy places for believers. One of the main attractions is the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, built on the site where, according to legend, Jesus Christ was buried, buried and resurrected. The Holy Place for the Jews is the Wailing Wall – part of the retaining wall around the Temple Mount, a monument of Hebrew history. Among the new attractions of the city is the magnificent Rose Garden.

Beach holidays offer resorts of the two seas – the Mediterranean and Red. The second most populous in the country and the largest city on the west coast of the country is Tel Aviv . Thanks to the contrasting buildings, the following description of this city appeared: “Tel Aviv is simultaneously similar to Manhattan, Berdichev and Ibiza”. Here is the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Museum of the Diaspora, as well as excavations of the ancient city of Caesarea.

To the south of Tel Aviv lies Ashdod . Now the city is an important regional industrial center, but there are many places for tourists to visit. For example, the Sea Fortress of the VII-XI centuries is a monument of the early Arabian period; Jonah Hill, where the tomb of the Prophet Jonah is believed to be located; Lahish Park – the largest and most well-kept in the city.

To the north of Tel Aviv lies Netanya – the largest resort of the Mediterranean coast of Israel. The total length of the beaches of the resort exceeds 13 km. The city has many art galleries, folk trade fairs. There are remains of an ancient theater and palace, a medieval fortress, two aqueducts of the Byzantine period.

Herzliya is a famous resort, located between Tel Aviv and Netanya, one of the most important recreation and tourism centers in Israel. The coastal region of the city of Pituach is called the “millionaire quarter” due to the large number of luxury mansions and moored yachts. Among the attractions of the city are the museums of art and the city, the Apollonia National Park and the ruins of ancient settlements.

Haifa , Israel’s third largest city, is considered the northern capital of the country. Its main attractions are the Bahai temple and gardens with numerous terraces; Carmelite Monastery, founded in the XII century; Museum of the Sea; the castle of the crusaders Atlit near the city, etc.

The only resort on the Red Sea is Eilat . In addition to the main attraction of the city – the purest Red Sea, here you should also pay attention, for example, to the Underwater Observatory in the local marina park, where at a depth of several meters you can observe the life of marine life. You can touch the dolphins on the Dolphin Reef attraction, and for contrast you should take a trip to the Negev desert to see first-hand the extinct ancient volcanoes.

The Dead Sea has long been famous for its healing properties. Here the temperature of air and water is constant, without sharp fluctuations. The high salinity of the water, mineral-rich sources, and curative mud all create an excellent healing and cosmetic effect.

You should visit at least one of the numerous national parks in Israel. For example, Carmel , the country’s largest national park. Thanks to the picturesque landscapes, one of its parts is called Little Switzerland. Here you can move on bicycles, SUVs and quad bikes.

Israel is hardly associated with winter sports. Nevertheless, there exists a ski resort. It is located a few hours drive from Netanya, on the highest point of the country – Mount Hermon . The tracks are equipped with various levels of difficulty with a total length of eight kilometers.

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